Using Format Painter tool button Microsoft Excel 2016

How to use Format Painter button MS Excel

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The Format-Painter tool in Home tab ribbon is a fast & effective tool. Significantly, it helps excel users in saving lots of time in Microsoft Excel. Above all, the main role is to apply required formatting of one cell to multiple cells wherever required.

Furthermore, this tool is placed in the first Tab (Home Tab) inside Clipboard Group. Hence, the prime importance of this Tool is self explanatory. Even more, the Cut, Copy and Paste buttons are also present along with this tool in the Clipboard group.

Format Painter tool Clipboard group Excel 2016 – continued

Additionally, the Cut button helps to cut and move content in workbooks. Next, Copy button lets users to copy data in worksheets. While, Paste button pastes the content/data which already have been cut or copied in MS Excel. Also, frequent uses of this button is done in many applicable areas in Excel.

Explicitly, Single clicking will release the Format-Painter button after once it has been used. But, Double clicking makes makes this tool for continuous use, until the “Esc” escape key is pressed by the user. Lastly, let us know what are the uses of this tool in Microsoft Excel.

Format Painter command Home tab MS Excel 2016

  • Apply outline border and cell color.
  • Applying cell color outline border.
  • Used to apply color font.
  • Helps to increase font & decrease font.
  • Used to apply wrap text and merge & center.

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