Clipboard group Cut Copy and Paste Microsoft Excel 2016

Cut Copy Paste Clipboard group MS Excel 2016

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The most used tools Cut, Copy and Paste are part of Clipboard group. Significantly, these tools/commands are present within majority of the Computer Software Programs. Notably, this group also has Format Painter button, but we’ll discuss on it later.

The Format Painter tool is a very important tool in Excel. Especially, with the help of this tool we apply different formatting types.

For example, the formatting we apply are the Color formatting. And also, some other types are the Borders, changing Fonts formatting etc; using this tool.

Above all, we might Single Click as well as Double Click the Format Painter button. Both types of these clicks provide different functions with this tool while working.

Clipboard group commands tools MS Excel – continued

Clicking once on the Format Painter tool offers single time use. So, the Format Painter tool becomes active on Double Clicking, until we use the (“Esc” / “Escape”) key; to get rid of it.

Most of all, even other powerful tools too are part of Microsoft Excel 2016. Nevertheless, Location between cells changes temporarily or permanently with Cut and Copy commands.

Further, after clicking the Copy or Cut tool in Home Tab ribbon, the next step is to use Paste button. Furthermore, the data/content moves to desired location on using the Paste button. Lastly, let us have a brief look below once again.

Clipboard group commands tools Excel 2016

  • Cut – Used to Cut cell contents in excel.
  • Copy – Copy cell contents in excel.
  • Paste – Helps to Paste cell contents in excel.

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