Page Layout tab group’s shortcuts MS Excel 2016

Page Layout tab group’s shortcuts Excel 2016

Page Layout tab group's shortcuts Microsoft Excel

Page Layout tab group’s shortcuts Microsoft Excel

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Most noteworthy, the table below contains a list, of the available Page Layout tab group’s shortcuts. These shortcuts are part of the Page Layout tab ribbon group’s in Microsoft Excel. The Shortcuts keys not only saves time, also help to complete tasks rapidly.

The Page Layout tab group’s shortcuts applies Themes, Printing, Page Setup etc. Especially notable, using the “Alt” key most of the shortcuts gets executed in Microsoft Excel. Also, to do button actions, other keys shall be pressed after pressing the “Ctrl” key or Alt key initially.

Page Layout tab group’s shortcuts Microsoft Excel

Alt Key shortcuts Description
Alt+P+TH  Themes button
Alt+P+TC  Theme Colors
Alt+P+TF  Theme Fonts tool
Alt+P+TE  Theme Effects
Alt+P+M  Adjust Margins button
Alt+P+O  Change Page Orientation
Alt+P+SZ  Choose Paper size tool
Alt+P+R  Print Area button
Alt+P+B  Breaks tool
Alt+P+G  Backgrounds button
Alt+P+I  Print Titles tool
Alt+P+SP   Page Setup dialog box
Alt+P+W  Width combo box button
Alt+P+H  Height combo box tool
Alt+P+X  Scale list box button
Alt+P+VG  View check box under Gridlines category
Alt+P+PG  Print check box under Gridlines category
Alt+P+VH  View check box under Headings category
Alt+P+PH  Print check box under Headings category
Alt+P+SO  Sheet Page Setup button
Alt+P+AF  Bring Forward tool
Alt+P+AE  Send Backward button
Alt+P+AP  Display the Selection Pane
Alt+P+AA  Align Objects button
Alt+P+AG  Group Objects button
Alt+P+AY  Rotate Objects tool

In the above table, button & tool words used at the end in Description column output same meaning. The “Alt” key shortcut in combination of three keys is used. Also, the “Ctrl” key shortcut as a combination of two keys in Excel is used.

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