Insert tab group’s shortcuts in Microsoft Excel 2016

Insert tab group’s shortcuts MS Excel

Insert tab group's shortcuts MS Excel 2016

Insert tab group’s shortcuts Microsoft Excel 2016

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Especially important, a list of available Insert tab group’s shortcuts is mentioned below. These shortcuts are part of the Insert tab ribbon group’s in Microsoft Excel. The Shortcuts keys lets users to achieve and complete our tasks quickly.

The shortcuts related to Insert tab group helps to create Tables, apply Hyperlinks etc. Also, most of the shortcuts gets triggered using the “Alt” key. After, firstly pressing the Alt key, other keys’re then pressed in sequence, to activate & perform button actions.

Insert tab group’s shortcuts Excel 2016

Alt shortcuts Description
Alt+N+V  Activate Pivot Table button
Alt+N+SP  Recommended PivotTables
Alt+N+T or Ctrl+T  Table button in Microsoft Excel.
Alt+N+P  Activate Pictures tool
Alt+N+F  Online Pictures button
Alt+N+SH  Activate Shapes tool
Alt+N+M  Insert a SmartArt Graphic
Alt+N+SC  Take a Screenshot button
Alt+N+AS  Browse Office Store App
Alt+N+AP  My Add-ins (Insert an Add-in)
Alt+N+A1  Activate Bing Maps App
Alt+N+A2  People Graph App
Alt+N+R  Recommended Charts
Alt+N+C  Insert Column or Bar Chart tool
Alt+N+N  Insert Line or Area Chart button
Alt+N+Q  Insert Pie or Doughnut Chart
Alt+N+HI  Insert Hierarchy Chart
Alt+N+SA  Insert Statistic Chart
Alt+N+D  Insert Scatter (X, Y) or Bubble Chart
Alt+N+I1  Insert Waterfall or Stock Chart
Alt+N+SD  Insert Combo Chart
Alt+N+O  Insert Surface or Radar Chart
Alt+N+SZ  Pivot Chart button
Alt+N+K  See All Charts
Alt+N+SM  Activate 3D Map tool
Alt+N+SL  Line Sparkline button
Alt+N+SO  Column Sparkline tool
Alt+N+SW  Win/Loss Sparkline
Alt+N+SF  Slicer button
Alt+N+ST  Timeline tool
Alt+N+I2 or Ctrl+K  Add a Hyperlink
Alt+N+X  Text Box button
Alt+N+H1  Header & Footer tool
Alt+N+W  Insert WordArt
Alt+N+G  Add a Signature Line
Alt+N+J  Object button
Alt+N+E  Insert Equation tool
Alt+N+U  Insert Symbol button

In the table above, button and tool words used at the end in the Description column provide the same meaning. Also, the “Alt” key shortcut is a three or more than three step process. The “Ctrl” key shortcut is a two step process in Microsoft Excel.

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