Formulas tab group’s shortcuts Microsoft Excel 2016

Formulas tab group’s shortcuts Microsoft Excel

Formulas tab group's shortcuts Microsoft Excel

Formulas tab group’s shortcuts MS Excel 2016

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A list of available Formulas tab group’s shortcuts is mentioned below. And, these shortcuts are part of the Formulas tab ribbon group’s in the Microsoft Excel 2016. The Shortcuts keys are a combination the Alt key, the Ctrl key and the Shift key etc. In addition, also are the Function keys, the Numeric keys and the Alphabets keys.

So, the Formulas tab group’s shortcuts applies the Themes, the Printing, the Page Setup etc. Especially, using the “Alt” key most of the shortcuts gets executed. Also, to do button actions, other keys shall be pressed after pressing the “Ctrl” key or Alt key initially.

Formulas tab group’s shortcuts MS Excel 2016

Alt Key shortcuts Description
Alt+M+F or Shift+F3  Insert Function button
Alt+M+U or Alt+=  Autosum button
Alt+M+R  Recently Used functions tool
Alt+M+I  Financial functions button
Alt+M+L  Logical functions
Alt+M+T  Text functions button
Alt+M+E  Date & Time functions
Alt+M+O  Lookup & Reference functions
Alt+M+G  Math & Trig button
Alt+M+Q  More Functions tool
Alt+M+N or Ctrl+F3  Name Manager button
Alt+M+M  Define Name tool
Alt+M+S  Use in Formula button
Alt+M+C or Ctrl+Shift+F3  Create from Selection
Alt+M+P  Trace Precedents button
Alt+M+D  Trace Dependents tool
Alt+M+A  Remove Arrows
Alt+M+H or Ctrl+`  Show Formulas
Alt+M+K  Error Checking button
Alt+M+V  Evaluate Formula tool
Alt+M+W  Watch Window button
Alt+M+X  Calculations Options
Alt+M+B or F9  Calculate Now button
Alt+M+J or Shift+F9  Calculate Sheet tool

The button & tool words used in the table above in Description column reflect same meaning. So, the three keys is used generally for shortcuts with the “Alt” key combination. Also, a two key combination for shortcuts with the “Ctrl” key in Excel is used.

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