New Query button description of Get & Transform group Excel

New Query button overview of Data tab MS Excel

New Query button Data tab ribbon Microsoft Excel

New Query button tool Microsoft Excel 2016

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The Data tab ribbon has the Get & Transform group. So, the New Query button is part of this group. In this post, we’ll know further about this button. Also, this button has more other tools. To emphasize, the New Query button further extends to other buttons in Microsoft Excel 2016.

They are the From File, From Database, the From Azure and the From Online Services buttons etc. In addition, are the From Other Sources, the Combine Queries and the Data Catalog Search buttons etc. Moreover, are the My Data Catalog Queries, Data Source Settings and the Query options.

New Query button description Microsoft Excel – continued

The initial first six buttons of the New Query further has more tools. Firstly, the From File button has the From Workbook, From CSV, From XML, From Text and the From Folder buttons.

Secondly, the From Database button has the From SQL Server Database and the From Microsoft Access Datababse buttons etc. Also, are the From SQL Server Analysis Services DatabaseFrom Oracle Database and the From IBM DB2 Database buttons etc.

In addition, the buttons are the From MySQL Database and the From PostgreSQL Database etc. The rest other buttons are the From Sybase Database and the From Teradata Database etc.

Thirdly, the From Azure button has the From Microsoft Azure SQL Database and the From Microsoft Azure Marketplace buttons etc. Then, are the From Microsoft Azure HDInsightFrom Microsoft Azure Blob Storage and the From Microsoft Azure Table Storage etc.

New Query button overview in MS Excel 2016

Fourthly, the From Online Services button has the From SharePoint Online List and the From Microsoft Exchange Online buttons etc. Additionally, are the From Dynamics CRM OnlineFrom FacebookFrom Salesforce Objects and the From Salesforce Reports buttons etc.

Further, the From Other Sources button has the From Web and the From SharePoint List buttons etc. And, the From OData Feed, the From Hadoop File (HDFS) and the From Active Directory buttons etc.

Moreover, are the From Microsoft Exchange, the From ODBC and the Blank Query buttons etc. Lastly, the Combine Queries button has the Merge, the Append and the Launch Query Editor buttons.

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