Data Validation button of Data Tools group Microsoft Excel

Data Validation button of Data tab Excel 2016

Data Validation button Data tab ribbon Microsoft Excel

Data Validation button Data Tools group Microsoft Excel

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In this post, we’ll discuss further about the Data Validation button. This button is part of the Data Tools group. And, the Data tab ribbon has this group. So, this group has seven (7) buttons. The buttons are the Text to Columns, Flash Fill, Remove Duplicates and the Data Validation etc.

Also, are the Consolidate, Relationships and the Manage Data Model buttons etc. So, out of these, the Data Validation button mentioned, is the topic of our explanation. Notably, this button has the Drop down Menu. And, also this button contains two buttons.

These are the Circle Invalid Data and the Clear Validation Circles buttons. Markedly, the Data Validation button shows a pop dialog box, when clicked. This box contains three tabs. These are the Settings, Input Message and the Error Alert tabs.

Data Validation button of Data tab MS Excel – continued

So, the Settings tab of Data Validation dialog pop up box has the Validation Criteria group section. Further, below this the Allow combo box and Data combo box button are present. Firstly, the Allow button has the list of choices of certain criteria. These are the Any Value, Whole Number, Decimal, List, Date, Time, Text Length and the Custom Criteria.

And, the Data combo box contains the Between, Not Between and the Equal To comparison operators etc; and so on. Also, it has the Not Equal To, Greater Than and the Less Than etc. Additionally, are the Greater Than or Equal To and the Less Than or Equal To etc.

Data Validation button of Data tab MS Excel 2016

Further, the Input Message tab of Data Validation dialog box has the Title and the Input Message text boxes. Significantly, in this box users can input there personal messages. And, the messages specified in the Input Message box shows up when the cell is selected by user.

Next, the Error Alert tab of Data Validation dialog box has the Style combo box button. Also, it has the Title text box and the Error Message text box. So, the Style button has a list of three message choices. These are the Stop, Warning and the Information.

While, setting the Data Validation rules for the cells, the type of error message should be selected and defined. The Clear All button present at the bottom of the Data Validation box helps to clear the defined rules. Lastly, Circle Invalid Data button shows a circle over the cells having the invalid data. While, the Clear Validation Circles button helps users to remove the circles showing over the cells.

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