Charts group buttons commands of Insert Tab MS Excel

Charts group buttons Insert Tab Excel 2016

Charts group buttons tools Microsoft Excel 2016

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In the first place, after the discussion on first three groups, the Charts group is the fourth group. Above all, the Tables group, Illustrations group and the Add-ins group are the first three groups. So, the Insert Tab ribbon has the Charts group in Microsoft Excel.

Also, the Charts group offer variety of charts types in Excel. Specifically, different types of charting capabilities helps users to project complex data in simple pictorial ways.

Firstly, the Recommended Charts, Insert Column or Bar Chart and the Insert Line or Area Chart etc; are the charts. Secondly, the Insert Pie or Doughut Chart, Insert Heirarchy Chart, Insert Statistic Chart, etc. are rest of the charts.

Charts group tools Insert Tab MS Excel – continued

Thirdly, are the Insert Scatter (X, Y) or Bubble Chart and the Insert Waterfall or b etc. Fourthly, the Insert Combo Chart, Insert Surface or Radar Chart and PivotChart also available charts types. Particularly, the PivotChart and the PivotTable options are present within PivotChart drop down menu button.

Especially, most of the chart buttons have Drop down List Menu. Further, the buttons with menu list extends to more charts options. Generally, the comparison between data, is shown in the charts. Also, the growth of a company, monthly or annually is projected through help of the charts.

Even more, the 2-D Column charts, 3-D Column charts, 2-D Bar charts and the 3-D Bar charts etc; are some of the two & three dimensional charts. In addition, are the 2-D Line charts, 3-D Line charts and the 2-D Area charts etc.

Moreover, the charts are the 3-D Area charts, 2-D Pie charts and the 3-D Pie charts etc. Lastly, are the Treemap charts, Sunburst charts, Histogram charts, Box charts and Whisker charts also are the two dimensional charts.

Charts group commands Microsoft Excel 2016

  • Recommended Charts
  • Insert Column or Bar Chart
    • 2-D Column
    • 3-D Column
    • 2-D Bar
    • 3-D Bar
    • More Column Charts
  • Insert Line or Area Chart
    • 2-D Line
    • 3-D Line
    • 2-D Area
    • 3-D Area
    • More Line Charts
  • Insert Pie or Doughut Chart
    • 2-D Pie
    • 3-D Pie
    • Doughnut
    • More Pie Charts
  • Insert Heirarchy Chart
    • Treemap
    • Sunburst
    • More Heirarchy Charts
  • Insert Statistic Chart
    • Histogram
    • Box and Whisker
    • More Statistical Charts
  • Insert Scatter (X, Y) or Bubble Chart
    • Scatter
    • Bubble
    • More Scatter Charts
  • Insert Waterfall or Stock Chart
    • Waterfall
    • Stock
    • More Stock Charts
  • Insert Combo Chart
    • Combo
    • Create Custom Combo Chart
  • Insert Surface or Radar Chart
    • Surface
    • Radar
    • More Charts
  • PivotChart
    • Pivot-Chart
    • PivotChart & PivotTable

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