View tab groups buttons shortcuts MS Excel 2016

View tab groups buttons shortcuts Excel

View tab groups buttons shortcuts MS Excel 2016

View tab groups buttons shortcuts Microsoft Excel

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Firstly, the View tab groups buttons shortcuts list is mentioned in table below. The Shortcuts available lets users to execute buttons quickly in Excel. These shortcuts are part of the View tab ribbon group’s in MS Excel.

To enumerate, the groups are the Workbook Views group, the Show group and the Zoom group etc; and so on. In sum, are the Window group and the Macros group. To emphasize, the Freeze Panes button and the Macros button are the most important from the last two groups.

Most of all, the View tab group’s shortcuts applies Zoom, Freezing Panes, Macros etc. Especially relevant, other keys in combination have been used to trigger shortcuts, starting with  “Alt” key in Excel. Also, basically the “Shift“, “Ctrl” keys in many of the shortcuts for buttons execution shall be used.

View tab groups buttons shortcuts Microsoft Excel

Alt Key shortcuts Description
Alt+W+L  Normal View button
Alt+W+I  Page Break Preview
Alt+W+P  Page Layout View
Alt+W+C  Custom View tool
Alt+W+R  Ruler check box button
Alt+W+VG  View Gridlines check box
Alt+W+VF  Formula Bar check box
Alt+W+VH  View Headings check box
Alt+W+Q  Zoom button
Alt+W+J  100% button
Alt+W+G  Zoom to Selection
Alt+W+N  New Window button
Alt+W+A  Arrange All tool
Alt+W+F  Freeze Panes button
Alt+W+S  Split Window tool
Alt+W+H  Hide Window button
Alt+W+U  Unhide Window
Alt+W+B  View Side by Side button
Alt+W+VS  Synchronous Scrolling
Alt+W+T  Reset Window Position
Alt+W+W  Switch Windows button
Alt+W+M or Alt+F8  View Macros button

Most noteworthy, the button & tool words project same meaning above in the table. The Alt key shortcuts are quite lengthy in process because of use of more than two keys. While, the “Ctrl” key shortcuts gets limited to three keys combination mostly in Excel.

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