Review tab groups buttons shortcuts Microsoft Excel 2016

Review tab groups buttons shortcuts MS Excel

Review tab groups buttons shortcuts MS Excel 2016

Review tab groups buttons shortcuts Microsoft Excel

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In the table mentioned below, contains the Review tab groups buttons shortcuts list. The Shortcuts helps users to save work energy and time in Excel. These shortcuts are part of the Review tab ribbon group’s in MS Excel.

So, the groups of the Review tab are the Proofing group, the Accessibility group and the Insights group. Also, the other groups are the Language group, the Comments group and the Changes group.

Some of the buttons of these groups’re the Spelling button, the Thesaurus button and the Smart Lookup button etc. Additionally, the Translate button, the New Comment button, and the Protect Sheet button are some of the other buttons.

In the first place, the Review tab group’s shortcuts applies Comments, Spelling checks, Protection etc. The “Alt” key is the starting key which shall be pressed, thereafter other keys for shortcuts. Similarly, the “Ctrl” key shortcuts with the other keys, accomplish the tasks rapidly in excel.

Review tab group’s shortcuts Microsoft Excel

Alt Key shortcuts Description
Alt+R+S or F7  Spelling button
Alt+R+E  Thesaurus tool
Alt+R+RS  Smart Lookup button
Alt+R+L  Translate button
Alt+R+C or Shift+F2  New Comment (Insert a Comment)
Alt+R+D  Delete Comment button
Alt+R+V  Previous Comment tool
Alt+R+N  Next Comment button
Alt+R+H  Show/Hide Comment
Alt+R+A  Show All Comments
Alt+R+I  Show Ink button
Alt+R+PS  Protect Sheet tool
Alt+R+PW  Protect Workbook button
Alt+R+W  Share Workbook tool
Alt+R+O  Protect and Share Workbook
Alt+R+U  Allow Users to Edit Ranges tool
Alt+R+G  Track Changes button

Especially, the button & tool words above in the table offer similar meaning. Various key combinations with the “Alt” key as shortcuts provides quick completion of works. Additionally, the “Ctrl” key in Excel are also an alternative to the “Alt” key shortcut keys.

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