Statistical button functions of Function Library group Microsoft Excel

Statistical button functions Formulas tab Excel

Statistical button functions Formulas tab Microsoft Excel

Statistical button functions (Function Library group) Excel

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So, in this post, we’ll discuss about the Statistical button functions. Also, we’ve discussed the Math & Trig function of the Function Library group previously. To enumerate, few of the functions are the AGGREGATE, the PRODUCT, the SQRT, the SUMIFS and the TRUNC etc.

To emphasize, the Function Library group is part of the Formulas tab ribbon. Also, the Statistical button is part of this group, and is present inside the More Functions button.

Especially, this button has more than One Hundred functions (100+) functions. Specifically, the functions of the Statistical button are the AVEDEV, the AVERAGE and the AVERAGEA etc.

Also, are the AVERAGEIF, the AVERAGEIFS, the BETA.DIST, the BETA.INV, the BINOM.DIST and the BINOM-DIST-RANGE functions etc. Then, the functions are the BINOM.INV, the CHISQ.DIST, the CHISQ.DIST.RT, the CHISQ.INV, the CHISQ.INV.RT and the CHISQ.TEST etc.

Statistical button functions Formulas tab MS Excel – continued

In addition, are the CONFIDENCE.NORM, the CONFIDENCE.T, the CORREL, COUNT and the COUNTA functions etc. Further, are the COUNTBLANK, the COUNTIF, the COUNTIFS, the COVARIANCE.P and the COVARIANCE.S functions etc. Then, the functions are the DEVSQ, the EXPON-DIST, the F-DIST, the F.DIST.RT, F.INV and the F.INV.RT etc.

Furthermore, are the F.TEST, the FISHER, the FISHERINV, the FORECAST.ETS and the FORECAST.ETS.CONFINT functions etc. Then’re the FORECAST.ETS.SEASONALITY, the FORECAST-ETS-STAT, the FORECAST.LINEAR and the FREQUENCY functions  etc; are the next ones.

Even more, are the GAMMA, the GAMMA.DIST, the GAMMA.INV, the GAMMALN and the GAMMALN.PRECISE functions etc. Also, the functions are the GAUSS, the GEOMEAN, the GROWTH, the HARMEAN, the HYPGEOM.DIST and the INTERCEPT etc. Moreover, are the KURT, the LARGE, the LINEST, the LOGEST, the LOGNORM.DIST and the LOGNORM.INV functions etc.

Statistical button functions Formulas tab MS Excel 2016

Additionally, the functions are the MAX, the MAXA, the MEDIAN, the MIN, the MINA, the MODE.MULT and the MODE.SNGL etc. Further, are the NEGBINOM.DIST, the NORM.DIST, the NORM.INV, the NORM-S-DIST, the NORM.S.INV and the PEARSON functions etc.

Further, the functions are the PERCENTILE.EXC, PERCENTILE.INC, PERCENTRANK.EXC and the PERCENTRANK.INC etc. Also, are the PERMUT, PERMUTATIONA, PHI, POISSON.DIST and the PROB functions etc.

Furthermore, are the QUARTILE.EXC, the QUARTILE.INC, the RANK.AVG, the RANK.EQ, the RSQ and the SKEW functions etc. Even more, the functions are the SKEW.P, the SLOPE, the SMALL, and the STANDARDIZE etc. Moreover, are the STDEV.P, the STDEV.S and the STDEVA etc.

Then, are the STDEVPA, the STEYX, the T.DIST, the T.DIST.2T, the T.DIST.RT and the T.INV fucntions etc. Finally, the functions are the  T.INV.2T, the T.TEST, the TREND, the TRIMMEAN and the VAR.P etc. Lastly, are the VAR.S, the VARA, the VARPA, the WEIBULL.DIST and the Z.TEST functions etc.

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