Math Trig button functions of Function Library group MS Excel

Math Trig button functions in Microsoft Excel 2016

Math Trig button functions Formulas tab Microsoft Excel

Math Trig button functions (Function Library group) Excel

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So far now, we’ve already discussed, the five button functions. They are the Financial functions, Logical functions and the Text functions etc. Also are the Date & Time functions and the Lookup & Reference functions.

But, in this post, the Math Trig button functions would be explained. Especially, all these functions gets generally used for tasks related Mathematics and Trigonometry. These functions are part of the Function Library group within the Formulas tab.

Most noteworthy, some of the functions from all these groups are the ACCRINT, IFERROR, CONCATENATE, EOMONTH and the VLOOKUP etc; and so on. Apart from these, there are numerous other functions. And those numerous functions has been mentioned in previous posts separately & accordingly.

Math Trig button functions MS Excel 2016

First of all, the Math Trig button has current seventy four functions. So, these are the ABS, ACOS, ACOSH, ACOT, ACOTH, AGGREGATE and the ARABIC functions etc. Also, the functions are the ASIN, ASINH, ATAN, ATAN2, ATANH, CEILING.MATH and the COMBIN etc.

Further, are the COMBINA, COS, COSH, COT, COTH, CSC, CSCH and the DECIMAL functions etc. Additionally, are the DEGREES, EVEN, EXP, FACT, FACTDOUBLE and the FLOOR.MATH functions etc.

Furthermore, the functions are the GCD, INT, LCM, LN, LOG, LOG10, MDETERM and the MINVERSE etc. Even more, are the MMULT, MOD, MROUND, MULTINOMIAL, MUNIT and the ODD functions etc.

Then, the functions are the PI, POWER, PRODUCT, QUOTIENT, RADIANS and the RAND etc. Moreover, are the RANDBETWEEN, ROMAN, ROUND, ROUNDDOWN, ROUNDUP, SEC and the SECH functions etc.

Again, are the SERIESSUM, SIGN, SIN, SINH, SQRT and the SQRTPI functions etc. Lastly, the functions are the SUBTOTAL, SUM, SUMIF, SUMIFS, SUMPRODUCT and the SUMSQ, SUMX2MY2 etc. And, finally rest of the functions are the SUMX2PY2, SUMXMY2, TAN, TANH and the TRUNC etc.

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