Engineering button functions of Function Library group MS Excel 2016

Engineering button functions of Formulas tab Excel

Engineering button functions Formulas tab Microsoft Excel

Engineering button functions (Function Library group) Excel

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Above all, this post is based on the Engineering button functions. So, as the name itself states, these functions gets used for the Engineering tasks in Excel. This button is part of the Function Library group of the Formulas tab. In sum, the seven button functions has been discussed. Lastly, the Statistical functions were explained.

Some of the them are the AVERAGEIFS, the COUNTBLANK, the FREQUENCY and the TRIMMEAN etc; and so on. There are more than One Hundred (100+) functions, apart from this. So, now let us move on to the topic of this post.

So, the Engineering button has more than Fifty (50+) functions in its list. These are the BESSELI, the BESSELJ, the BESSELK, the BESSELY and the BIN2DEC functions etc. Additionally, the functions are the BIN2HEX, the BIN2OCT, the BITAND, the BITLSHIFT, the BITOR and the BITRSHIFT etc.

Engineering button functions Microsoft Excel – continued

Further, are the BITXOR, the COMPLEX, the CONVERT, the DEC2BIN and the DEC2HEX functions etc. Furthermore, the functions are the DEC2OCT, the DELTA, the ERF, the ERF.PRECISE, the ERFC and the ERFC.PRECISE etc.

Next, are the GESTEP, the HEX2BIN, the HEX2DEC, the HEX2OCT and the IMABS functions etc. Then, the functions are the IMAGINARY, the IMARGUMENT, the IMCONJUGATE and the IMCOS etc.

Even more, are the IMCOSH, the IMCOT, the IMCSC, the IMCSCH, the IMDIV and the IMEXP functions etc. Moreover, the functions are the IMLN, the IMLOG10, the IMLOG2, the IMPOWER and the IMPRODUCT etc.

Engineering button functions Function Library MS Excel 2016

In addition, are the IMREAL, the IMSEC, the IMSECH, the IMSIN, the IMSINH and the IMSQRT functions etc. Lastly, the functions are the IMSUB, the IMSUM, the IMTAN, the OCT2BIN, the OCT2DEC and the OCT2HEX etc.

The next post, will describe about the Cube button functions. So, they are the CUBEKPIMEMBER and the CUBEMEMBER etc. Also, are the CUBEMEMBERPROPERTY, the CUBERANKEDMEMBER and the CUBESET etc. Then, the CUBESETCOUNT and the CUBEVALUE functions are the rest ones etc.

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