Cube Information button functions of Function Library group Excel

Cube Information button functions in Microsoft Excel

Cube Information button functions Formulas tab Microsoft Excel

Cube Information button functions Microsoft Excel

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Earlier, in the post, we knew about on the Engineering button functions. These functions gets used for the engineering related tasks in Microsoft Excel. Some of they are the BIN2DEC, the CONVERT, the IMABS, the IMREAL and the OCT2HEX etc; and so on. In this post, we’ll discuss further on the Cube Information button functions.

So, the Cube Information button functions lie at the 3rd position, under the More Functions. In the first place, the Function Library group of the Formulas tab has all the button functions. In total, there are seven (7) Cube button functions and Twenty (20) Information functions.

The Cube functions have been introduced from the Microsoft Excel 2007. They help to maintain information in excel worksheets; from the multidimensional sets of data with SQL connection.

Cube Information button functions MS Excel 2016 – continued

And, the Information functions helps to know, about the content in the cells of workbooks accordingly. Especially, the Information functions’re used more than the Cube functions.

So, the Cube functions are the CUBEKPIMEMBER and the CUBEMEMBER etc. Also, are the CUBEMEMBERPROPERTY, the CUBERANKEDMEMBER and the CUBESET etc. Then, the CUBESETCOUNT and the CUBEVALUE functions are the rest ones etc.

Further, the Information functions are the CELL, the ERROR.TYPE, the INFO and the ISBLANK etc. Then, are the ISERR, the ISERROR and the ISEVEN functions. Furthermore, are the ISFORMULA and the ISLOGICAL functions etc.

Cube Information button functions Microsoft Excel 2016

Even more, the functions are the ISNA, the ISNONTEXT, the ISNUMBER and the ISODD etc. Lastly, the remaining ones are the ISREF, the ISTEXT, the NA function, the SHEET and the SHEETS functions etc.

In the next post, we’ll know about the Compatibility button functions. Some of they’re, the BETADIST, BETAINV and the BINOMDIST etc. Also, are the CEILING, the CHIDIST, the CHIINV, the CHITEST and the CONFIDENCE functions etc; and so on.

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