Sort & Filter group buttons of Data tab Microsoft Excel

Sort & Filter group tools of Data tab MS Excel

Sort & Filter group buttons Data group MS Excel 2016

Sort & Filter group buttons Microsoft Excel 2016

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Already, we’ve discussed about the first three groups of the Data tab. So, they were the Get External Data group, Get & Transform group and the Connections group. Also, the previous post was about the Connections group of the Data tab. Now, we’ll discuss about on the fourth group i.e. Sort & Filter group, in this post.

The Sort & Filter group is the fourth group of the Data tab in Microsoft Excel 2016. This group has seven buttons commands available within. They’re the Sort A to Z, Sort Z to A and the Sort buttons etc. Then, the Filter, Clear, Reapply and the Advanced buttons are part of this group.

Sort & Filter group buttons of Data tab Excel – continued

Especially, the Sort & Filter group buttons tools were also present in the Home tab ribbon. In the Editing group, the Sort & Filter drop down menu button has been already provided. Now, again this button has been provided as a group itself with the same commands tools.

So, the Sort A to Z sorts data in Alphabetical order and Sort Z to A reverses the sorting direction. The Sort button lets excel users to sort data and Filter tools helps to filter data. While using the Filter button, users can apply filtering for selected columns in a table or cells.

Additionally, the Clear button removes the already applied filter on range of cells. Then, the Reapply button reinstates the removed filter from the range of cells. Lastly, the Advanced Filter provides excel users with various options to filter data in excel using complex criteria.

Sort & Filter group commands of Data tab Excel 2016

  • Sort-&-Filter
    • Sort-A to Z
    • Sort-Z to A
    • Sort
    • Filter
    • Clear
    • Reapply
    • Advanced

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