Data Tools group buttons of Data tab Microsoft Excel

Data Tools group tools Data tab Excel 2016

Data Tools group buttons Data tab MS Excel 2016

Data Tools group buttons Microsoft Excel 2016

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The fifth group of the Data tab ribbon is the Data Tools group. And, now we’ll discuss about this group, in this post. So, already we’ve discussed about on the first four groups of this tab. They’re the Get External Data, the Get & Transform, the Connections and the Sort & Filter buttons.

The buttons of the Data group, provide special features and functionality. Also, the splitting of data, automatic filling of the cells in columns etc; is done within the worksheet. The Text to Columns, the Flash Fill, the Remove Duplicates and the Data Validation buttons are part this group. Also, are the Consolidate, Relationships and Manage Data Model buttons too.

The Data Validation button has the Drop down Menu list. And, the Text to Columns tool helps to split a single column of text into several columns. Further, the Flash Fill tool automatically fills in values into adjacent cells referring to the examples provided.

Data Tools group tools of Data tab Excel – continued

The Flash Fill button was been already introduced in the Microsoft Excel 2013. Also, the Flash Fill tool is provided within the Fill button. And, this button is present in the Editing group of the Home tab. Further, the Remove Duplicates button helps users to delete duplicate rows.

The Data Validation button provides list of rules to choose from. And, also it limits the type of data which is entered in a cell in workbook. Also, this button has the Circle Invalid Data button and the Clear Validation Circles button.

While, the Consolidate button helps to summarize data from different ranges; into a single output range combining all the results. Secondly, the Relationships button helps to create or edit relationships between multiple tables; showing data related from the different tables on the same report.

Lastly, the Manage Data Model button helps to add and prepare data. Also, users can continue working on the data already prepared in the workbook using this button.

Data Tools group commands of Data tab Microsoft Excel

  • Data Tools
    • Text to Columns
    • Flash Fill
    • Remove Duplicates
    • Data Validation
      • Circle Invalid Data
      • Clear Validation Circles
    • Consolidate
    • Relationships
    • Manage Data Model

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