Links Text Symbols groups of Insert Tab Microsoft Excel

Links Text Symbols groups buttons Excel 2016

Links Text Symbols groups Insert tab Microsoft Excel

Links Text Symbols groups buttons Microsoft Excel

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Firstly, the Links Text Symbols groups are the final three groups of the Insert Tab. So, here we’ll discuss about on the buttons of these groups. Also, in the previous post, we got an overview of the Tours, Sparklines and Filters groups.

In this first place, the Links group has the Hyperlink button. Secondly, the Text group has the Text Box button, and the Header & Footer button etc. In addition, are the Insert WordArt button, the Add a Signature Line button and the Object button.

Thirdly, the Equation and Symbol buttons are available in the Symbols group. The Insert WordArt, Add a Signature Line and Equation buttons have the Drop down Menu. These buttons further extends to other commands or tools in Microsoft Excel.

Links Text Symbols groups tools Excel 2016 – continued

Further, the Hyperlink button of Links group inserts link in documents for rapid access to Webpages and Files. Again, also creating hyperlinks also help in navigating within documents in Microsoft Excel.

Furthermore, the Text Box button of Text group helps user to draw a text box in Excel documents. Before printing pages, the Header & Footer tool command helps to insert Header content and Footer on pages in Excel.

Even more, predefined colorful design effects in documents is added using the Insert WordArt tool button. Then, the Insert a Signature Line tool adds a line with name of specified individual who must sign the document.

Moreover, the Object tool button helps add objects embedded in our documents. Notably, the Embedded objects are files or documents which we’ve inserted in this document, all in the same single document.

Especially, the Equation button helps to add the common Mathematical Equations (Binomial Theorem, Expansion of a Sum) etc; to documents. Finally, the Symbol button tool adds symbols in Excel document that aren’t available on the Keyboard keys buttons.

Links Text Symbols groups commands MS Excel 

  • Links
    • Hyperlink
  • Text
    • Text Box
    • Header & Footer
    • Insert a WordArt
    • Add a Signature Line
      • Microsoft Office Signature Line
      • Add Signature Services
    • Object
  • Symbols
    • Equation
      • Area of Circle
      • Binomial Theorem
      • Expansion of a Sum
      • Fourier Series
      • Pythagorean Theorem
      • Insert New Equation
      • Ink Equation
    • Symbol

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