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Format Cells dialog box description MS Excel

Format Cells dialog box Home tab MS Excel

Format Cells dialog box Microsoft Excel 2016

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In Microsoft Excel, the Format Cells Dialog Box plays a very important & vital role. Also, it has been in this software program from the earlier versions as well. The Home tab ribbon has Seven groups. They are the Clipboard group, Font group, and the Alignment group etc. Also, the rest others are the Number group, Styles group, Cells group and the Editing group.

So, the second, third and the fourth groups of the Home tab have the Dialog box launcher buttons. And, they are located at the very bottom right side corner in each one of the groups.

Also, the buttons are very small in size. Except the Clipboard group’s Dialog box launcher button; all other group’s show the associated tab related to the group in the Format Cells dialog box.

Format Cells dialog box Microsoft Excel – continued

It means, when each one of the group’s Dialog box launcher buttons’re clicked; they open the tabs which have the options related to that group only, in the Format-Cells dialog box. Firstly, as the Font group opens the Font Settings dialog box. And the Shortcut Key for this is (Ctrl+Shift+F).

Secondly, the Alignment group launches Alignment Settings dialog box. And, no shortcut is assigned for this box. Thirdly, the Number group opens up the Number Format dialog box.

So, apart from these, the other tabs of the Format-Cell dialog box are; the Border settings tab, the Fill settings tab and the Protection settings tab. The Number tab is the first tab.

Format Cells dialog box Microsoft Excel 2016

Then is the Alignment tab. Next is the Font tab. And, finally are the three tabs from the Border till the Protection tabs. Above all, the another important Shortcut Key for the Format Cells Dialog Box is the “Ctrl+1” keys.

Most noteworthy, this “1” key also has the Exclamation Symbol “!” with it, above the letter “Q” key. Lastly, the Format Cells Dialog Box helps to solve the formatting, alignment and the font related tasks etc.

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