Editing group buttons Home tab Microsoft Excel 2016

Editing group commands Microsoft Excel

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editing group in excel | editing group is available in which tab | editing group in excel 2010

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So, unlike other groups of the Home Tab ribbon, the buttons of the Editing Group has various features. Above all, this group is the last group from left, and first from right direction. Similarly, the buttons of this group also have the Drop down list Menu.

Especially, the Autosum button and the Fill button etc; extend to other tools in the Drop down list. Also, the buttons are the Clear button, the Sort & Filter button and the Find & Select button.

Specifically, the Autosum button has the Sum function and the Average function etc; and so on. Additionally, are the Count Numbers function and the Max function etc.

Lastly, the rest of the other remaining functions are the Min function and the More function. In addition, are the Down button, the Right button, the Up button etc.

Editing group buttons overview MS Excel – continued

Lastly, are the Left button, the Across Worksheets button, the Series button. Then, the Justify button and the Flash Fill button, also are part of the Fill button.

NOTE: The first encounter to the Flash Fill feature was in Microsoft Excel 2013.

Then, the Clear button has the Clear All, Clear Formats, Clear Contents buttons etc. Moreover, the Clear Comments and Clear Hyperlinks buttons.

Further, the Sort A to Z, Sort Z to A, Custom Sort etc; tools are part of Sort & Filter button. In sum, the Filter button, the Clear button and the Reapply button also are part of it.

Especially relevant, the shortcut for Flash Fill isCtrl+E” keys. And also, “Ctrl+Shift+L” keys are the shortcut for applying Filter in a Table.

Moreover, the Find & Select drop down button has the Find, the Replace, Go To, Go To Special, Formulas buttons etc. Another, are Comments, the Conditional Formatting and the Constants. In addition are the Data Validation, Select Objects and Selection Pane etc.

So, this post ends here, the brief description about all the groups of the Home Tab. Also, we did discussion on the other groups as well in our previous posts. Lastly, keen readers can kindly check other posts in this blog for the same.

 Editing Group tools tabular list Home tab MS Excel


Autosum Sum
Count Numbers
More Functions
Fill Down
Across Worksheets
Flash Fill
Clear Clear-All
Sort & Filter Sort-A to Z
Sort-Z to A
Custom Sort
Find & Select Find
Go To
Go To Special
Conditional Formatting
Data Validation
Select Objects
Selection Pane

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