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Text button functions (Function Library group) Excel

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We’ll be discussing further, more about the Text button functions, in this post. The previous post was on the Logical button functions. So, some of them are the AND, the FALSE, the IF, the NOT, the OR and the TRUE etc.

After the Logical button, the Text button is present at the sixth position, in the Function Library group. And, this group is part of the Formulas tab ribbon. The Function Library group currently has twenty seven Text functions.

Text button Functions of Function Library Excel

These are the BAHTTEXT, CHAR, CLEAN, CODE and the CONCATENATE etc. Further, the DOLLAR, EXACT, FIND, FIXED and the LEFT etc. Furthermore, are the LEN, LOWER, MID, NUMBERVALUE, PROPER and the REPLACE etc.

Even more, are the REPT, RIGHT, SEARCH and the SUBSTITUTE, the “T” etc. Moreover, are the TEXT, TRIM, UNICHAR, UNICODE, UPPER and the VALUE.

Text Functions description Microsoft Excel 2016

Firstly, the BAHTTEXT function helps to converts a number to text i.e. BAHT. Secondly, the CHAR function displays the character from the character set, stated by the code number. Thirdly, the CLEAN function eliminates all the non-printable characters from the texts.

Fourthly, the CODE function shows a numeric code for initial character in a text string, in the character set. Next, the CONCATENATE function combines multiple text strings into one text string. Then, the DOLLAR function converts a number to text by using the Currency Format.

Further, the EXACT returns True or False by checking whether two text strings are same or not. Furthermore, the FIND function returns the foremost position of one text string within another. Notably, this FIND function is Case-Sensitive function.

The FIXED function shows text result with or without commas, by rounding a number to stated number of decimals. The LEFT function shows specified number of characters from the starting from the Left Hand Side of a text string. Even more, the LEN function displays the numbers of characters in a text string.

Text Functions overview Excel 2016 – continued

Then, the LOWER function changes all the letters in a text string to lowercase. The MID function shows characters from the middle of text string, provided with a initial position and length. Next, the NUMBERVALUE function changes text to number in a locale-independent manner.

The PROPER changes the first letter in each word to “UPPERCASE”, and all other letters to “lowercase”. The REPLACE function with a different text string in a part of text string. Next, the REPT function helps to repeat a certain text provided number of times.

The RIGHT function shows specified number of characters from the starting from the Right Hand Side of a text string. The SEARCH shows the number of the character from left to right, at which a specific character gets first found.

Then, the SUBSTITUTE function replaces existing text with new text in a text string. The “T” function checks whether a value is text, and returns text, or blank text, if it is or isn’t. Next, the TEXT function changes a value to text in a stated number format.

Even more, the TRIM function eliminates all the spaces except for single spaces between words, from a text string. The UNICHAR function shows the Unicode character referenced by the provided numeric value.

The UNICODE function displays the number (Code Point) corresponding to the initial character of the text. Moreover, the UPPER functions changes a text string to all uppercase letters. Lastly, the VALUE function changes a text string that denotes a number to a number.

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