Show group Zoom group tools of View tab MS Excel 2016

Show group Zoom group buttons View tab Excel 2016

Show group Zoom group buttons View tab MS Excel 2016

Show group Zoom group buttons Microsoft Excel

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In the previous post, we discussed about on Workbook Views group. The Normal, Page Break Preview, Page Layout and Custom View buttons were explained of Workbook Views group. So, now we’ll know about the Show group Zoom group of View tab in this post. Also, the Show group has four check box buttons and Zoom group has three buttons.

Especially, the Check box buttons of Show group are the Ruler, Formula Bar, Gridlines and the Headings. While, the Zoom, 100% and Zoom to Selection tools commands are part of the Zoom group.

Also, Show group is the second group of View tab. Zoom group is the third group of View tab ribbon in Excel. So, by default the Ruler check box have been locked in Microsoft Excel.

Show group Zoom group commands Excel – continued

Just like in the Microsoft Word, the Ruler button helps to move the Table Borders. And, also to set the Tab Stops and Measure the stuff in excel documents; is also done by the Ruller button.

Then, the Formula Bar check box button helps to show and hide the Formula Bar in Excel document. Further, the Gridlines check box button lets user to show and hide lines between Rows and Columns i.e. Gridlines in Excel document.

Furthermore, the Headings check box button helps to show column headings on top; along with row numbers on the left side of Excel document. Moreover, the Zoom button of THE View tab helps to zoom Excel Worksheet; to the level of satisfaction that’s correct for the users.

Evenmore, the 100% command helps to zoom the excel document directly to 100% in one click. Finally, the Zoom to Selection tool button helps to zoom a selected certain range of cell in Excel worksheet; to fill & fit the entire window.

Show group Zoom group commands Microsoft Excel

  • Show
    • Ruler
    • Formula Bar
    • Gridlines
    • Headings
  • Zoom
    • Zoom
    • 100%
    • Zoom to Selection

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