Page Setup group buttons of Page Layout tab Excel 2016

Page Setup group tools Page Layout MS Excel

Page Setup group of Page Layout Microsoft Excel

Page Setup group buttons Microsoft Excel 2016

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So, the second group after the Themes group is the Page Setup group. Specifically, it is part of the Page Layout Tab in Microsoft Excel 2016. Notably, it’s a very important group in MS Excel program.

First of all, Margins, Orientation, Size, Print Area & Breaks buttons has th Drop down Menu. Especially, the Page Setup group tools helps in Printing of Excel documents.

Especially relevant, the shortcut key for the Print Preview is “Ctrl+P“. And, also for the Margins button shortcut key is “Alt+P+M”. Similarly the shortcut key for Orientation button is “Alt+P+O“.

Likewise, “Alt+P+SZ” is the shortcut key for the Size button. In addition, shortcut keys for the Print Area, the Breaks are the “Alt+P+R” and “Alt+P+B”.

The commands of the Page Setup group are the Margins and the Orientation Size etc. Then, are the Print Area, BreaksBackground and the Print Titles buttons. So, for the Background button and the Print Titles buttons; the shortcut key are “Alt+P+G” and “Alt+P+I”.

Further, the Normal margin, Wide margin, Narrow margin and Custom margin buttons are part of  the Margins button.

Page Setup group buttons Page Layout tab Excel – continued

Also, Orientation button tool has Portrait view and Landscape view. The Size tool comprises of Letter size, Tabloid size, Legal size, Executive size, A3 size, A4 size.

In additionB4 (JIS) size, B5 (JIS) size, Envelope #10 size are part of Size button. Furthermore, the Envelope Monarch size and More Paper Sizes are also available within the Size button.

Particularly, the Set Print Area and the Clear Print Area tools are available in the Print Area button. In addition, the Breaks button has the Insert Page Break, Remove Page Break and the Reset Page Break buttons. Lastly, Background button is the second last. And the Print Titles is the last button in the Page Setup group.

Firstly, the Margins button supports in setting the Page Margins for printing documents. Secondly, the Orientation button rotates the Excel document sheet into Portrait or Landscape view. Next, the Size button lets users to choose predefined default Page size for Printing Pages.

Lastly, using the Print Area user can select  and set any area on Sheet for printing. Also, the Breaks tool adds a break where they’d want to begin the next page in printed copy document. Finally, the Background button adds a picture in Excel Sheets. While, the Print Titles repeats Rows or Columns which users might like to repeat on each Printing Pages.

Page Setup group buttons of Page Layout Microsoft Excel

  • Page Setup
    • Margins
      • Normal
      • Wide
      • Narrow
    • Orientation
      • Portrait
      • Landscape
    • Size
      • Letter size
      • Tabloid size
      • Legal size
      • Executive
      • A3
      • A4
      • B4 (JIS)
      • B5 (JIS)
      • Envelope #10
      • Envelope Monarch
      • More Paper Sizes.
    • Print Area
      • Set Print Area
      • Clear Print Area
    • Breaks
      • Insert Page Break
      • Remove Page Break
      • Reset All Page Breaks
    • Background
    • Print Titles

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