Macros group commands of View tab ribbon Microsoft Excel

Macros group tools of View tab Microsoft Excel

Macros group buttons View tab MS Excel 2016

Macros group buttons View tab Microsoft Excel

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The last group of View tab is Macros group in MS Excel. In the previous post, the Window group buttons tools was discussed. So, we knew, how to arrange multiple windows, freezing rows and columns etc. The New Window, Arrange All and the Freeze Panes buttons etc; and so on have been explained. Also, the Split, Hide, Unhide and the Switch Windows tools was also explained.

Apart from the Window group, also Workbook Views group, Show group and Zoom group was elaborated in prior posts. Now, in this post we’ll discuss and know about on Macros-group. The View Macros button, Record Macros tool and Use Relative References button are part of Macros group.

Macros group tools of View tab Excel 2016 – continued

The Macros are the steps which’re recorded by the Excel program which users performs in a worksheet. Also, the Macros help users to save lots of time by repeating the tasks speedily. Especially, the Recorded macros could be replayed again and again by assigning a certain shortcut to it. The Macros tool is accompanied by Drop down Menu list.

Firstly, the View Macros button helps to see a list of already created macros by users. The users can choose select which Macro to work with from the list of Macros. Secondly, the Record Macro tool commands lets users to record a new macro.

Lastly, the Use Relative References button helps recording macros; with actions relative to the initial selected cell in worksheet. So that was all about the Macros group buttons tools of View tab ribbon in Microsoft Excel.

After this post, in the next, we’ll discuss the groups of the Developer tab. But, before we do so, we’ve to unlock or make the Developer tab display on the ribbon in Microsoft Excel. Significantly, the buttons of the Developer tab are especially for the developers. For instance, we can say that, the people who write code of the programs are Developers.

Macros group tools of View tab MS Excel 2016

  • Macros
    • View Macros
    • Record Macro
    • Use Relative References

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