Changes group commands of Review tab Microsoft Excel 2016

Changes group tools of Review tab MS Excel 2016

Changes group tools of Review tab MS Excel

Changes group buttons Microsoft Excel 2016

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We got to know, about the first four groups of Review tab ribbon in previous earlier posts. Those four groups are Proofing group, Insights group, Language group and Comments group. The last previous post was about the Comments group in Excel. In this post, the last group of the Review tab will be explained i.e. the Changes group.

The Changes group of theReview tab ribbon contains six buttons. They’re the Protect Sheet and the Protect Workbook buttons etc. Further, the Share Workbook and the Protect & Share Workbook are the tools of the Changes group. Also, the Allow Users to Edit Ranges and Track Changes buttons are part of the Changes group.

Changes group buttons of Review tab Excel – continued

Firstly, the Protect Sheet tool button limits the ability to edit protected sheet by preventing unwanted changes from other users. Then, the Protect Workbook button lets users to put password protection in workbook. In this way any other user won’t be able to add, move or delete sheets in protected workbook.

Further next, Share workbook button shares workbook, so that others could work at the same time in the workbook. Moving ahead, the Protect and Share Workbook button tool is a combination of the Protect Workbook and Share Workbook buttons.

Lastly, the Allow Users to Edit Ranges command tool helps to put password protection for ranges in worksheets. Also, users have the ability to decide and allow that who can edit those password protected ranges.

Finally, Track Changes drop down menu is accompanied by Highlight Changes button and Accept/Reject Changes button. So, the Track Changes button helps users to track record of changes done so far, while working on the workbook.

Changes group commands of Review tab MS Excel 2016

  • Changes
    • Protect Sheet
    • Protect-Workbook
    • Share Workbook
    • Protect-and-Share-Workbook
    • Allow Users to Edit Ranges
    • Track Changes
      • Highlight Changes
      • Accept/Reject Changes

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