Right function of Formulas tab in Microsoft Excel

Right function of Text functions Excel 2016

Right function in excel | Right function in excel with example | Right function in excel for numbers

Right function in excel | Right function in excel for numbers

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Significantly, in this post, we’ll now get to know about the Right function. It works just opposite to the Left function as mentioned in the previous post. And, it is present in the Formulas tab under the Text functions category. Apart from this, there are various other functions too.

So, the last post described about the Left function of the Formulas tab. It helps Excel users to extract the left most words or characters from a text string. Also, even it works for the numbers present inside a cell. Hence, this function is quite useful, and just reverse of the Right-function.

Right function of Text functions MS Excel – continued

The CONCATENATE, the FIXED, the FIND, the NUMBERVALUE and the UNICODE are some of the other text functions. So, the Right function is as important as the Left function. Nevertheless, let’s jump to the Syntax of the Right function.

Syntax: RIGHT(text, [num_chars])

To enumerate, the first parameter “Text” points the user to select the cell which contains the text string. After this, the “Num_Chars” or Number of Characters signifies the number, i.e. 1, 5 ,9, 4 upto n. So in short, select the cell and input the  desired number and press Enter.

Right function of Text functions Microsoft Excel 2016

Suppose, if a cell has a the word “Mesothelioma Litigation” present inside it. And, the user’s requirement is to extract the last four “10” characters. Therefore, for the “Text” input, the user will have to select, the cell having the word in it.

Next, type the number 10 for the “Num_Chars” for the last input. Finally, the output result answer will be “Litigation“. And, the word “Mesothelioma ” including the one space character is removed. Overall, the Right-function and the Left-function are like the Right and Left Hands of a user.

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