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Myself Piyush Kr. Pandey, born in (Uttar Pradesh), India. I’m a Microsoft Excel Investigator and Designer. Also, a Technology lover, Web surfer and Software seeker too.

Completed my studies from almost half of India. Along with Graduation; finished my Software Engineering Diploma studies from CP (New Delhi).

Further, I went to Gujarat and worked in L&T. Here, I worked on the MS Excel Software Program; gained knowledge and became fan of this awesome software.

So, I decided to share my experience & knowledge with the world; I left my job. And, started my blog (Indiaexcel.com) in which, now I share my experience and knowledge on MS Excel.

Earlier, started on MS Excel 2007. Time elapsed and then Microsoft Excel 2010, Microsoft Excel 2013 came. So, now Microsoft Excel 2016 is here and I’m currently working on it.

This Blog is all about ms excel formulas | how to use ms excel | microsoft excel free download | ms excel tutorial | excel meaning | microsoft excel tutorial | excel definition etc; and so on.

In addition, I love to Design Logos, Graphics using the Adobe Illustrator CC and Adobe Photoshop CC. So, the Photo in this post is of myself, has been designed by me. 🙂

So, that was all about me. Friends and Guys, if you like our Blog (www.indiaexcel.com), then keep visiting in a while. Especially, to learn & share something new new with us on this platform.

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