Home tab groups button shortcuts Microsoft Excel 2016

Home tab groups shortcuts MS Excel 2016

Home tab groups shortcuts | Home tab in Excel | Home tab in Excel 2013 | Home tab in Excel 2010 | Home tab in Excel 2016 | Home tab Shortcut Keys

Home tab groups shortcuts | Home tab in Excel | Home tab Shortcut Keys

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Especially, a list of available Home tab groups shortcuts is mentioned below. Explicitly, these shortcuts are part of the Home tab ribbon group’s in Microsoft Excel.

So, all the group’s of the Home tab ribbon are as follows. Firstly is the Clipboard group. Further are the Font group and the Alignment group. Furthermore are the Number group and the Styles group.

And, finally are the Cells group and the Editing group respectively. Significantly, shortcuts play their most vital role in any program. Notably, Shortcuts saves a lot of time by fastening our works.

Also, the tasks gets quickly accomplished using predefined shortcut keys by users in Excel. Additionally, the Home tab group’s shortcuts fulfill formatting and searching related tasks in Microsoft Excel 2016.

Home tab groups shortcuts Excel 2016

Ctrl+A Selects entire active worksheet in excel.
Ctrl+D Fill down above cell content in excel.
Ctrl+B Makes the text bold in excel.
Ctrl+I Makes the text italic in excel.
Ctrl+U Underline the text in excel
Ctrl+C Copy the content in excel.
Ctrl+V Paste the content in excel.
Ctrl+X Cut the content in excel.
Ctrl+R Fill right side cell in excel.
Ctrl+Shift+L Apply filter for selected cells in excel.
Ctrl+F Find in worksheet or workbook in excel.
Ctrl+H Find and Replace in worksheet or workbook in excel.
Ctrl+G Go To lets you jump comments, line, page and other locations in worksheet or workbook.

Finally, above mentioned are some of the common Microsoft Excel program’s shortcuts. Lastly, in upcoming time even more other important and vital shortcuts shall be updated in the list.

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